Vitamin D in the News

More studies or reviews on vitamin D have been published and listed on the National Library of Medicine in the first three weeks of 2008 than ever before, 110 to be exact. We have seen studies published confirming lower systolic blood pressures with higher vitamin D levels from NHANES III. The Framingham data show a greater risk for heart attacks and strokes with vitamin D levels below 15 ng/mL. We have further data from Drs. Grant and Garland associating lower risks for lung cancer with greater exposure to UVB light. Several reports of rickets in children highlight the resurgence in this disease especially among those of African ancestry. A number of studies are now highlighting the tragedy of nutritional deficiencies and particularly vitamin D deficiency in gastric bypass patients that persists after surgery despite oral supplementation. There was another study showing that vitamin D may prevent falling this time in community dwelling elderly women. We see a call for vitamin D levels higher than 40 ng/mL from Drs. John Cannell, Bruce Hollis, Mike Zasloff, and Robert Heaney based on available data. On our own front we saw the release of The Vitamin D Cure nationwide and in Canada and expect release of the book in the UK this week. We were pleased to see a review of The Vitamin D Cure in the UK posted in the Daily Mail. Other reviews are trickling out on the internet. One of the key messages in the book is that dosing vitamin D based on your weight and risk factors ensures more accurate replacement across all ages, sizes, and skin colors. Why guess about your vitamin D status when you can use the Vitamin D Deficiency Risk Calculator at or get your level measured and start the year off right with accurate and adequate replacement?