Why is Vitamin D Important?

Vitamin D is so important because it is arguably the number one most versatile and beneficial hormone in the human body, necessary for everything from initial growth to cancer and disease prevention. To even begin to fully understand why vitamin D is so important, you must first understand that … [Read more...]

UV Index

The sun is a powerful force of energy that is constantly releasing UV radiation, and if not minded can cause unexpected health concerns such as skin cancer, premature aging, cataracts, immune system suppression, and more. A UV index is a great tool to help people living anywhere around the country … [Read more...]

Vitamin D Deficiency? Look at Your Health Issues

At steadily increasing rates, Americans report they feel achy, sick and tired.  If you are among those dealing with daily pain and fatigue,  there is a simple but important nutrient you may be missing.  Mayo Clinic researchers looked at the vitamin D level of patients who had … [Read more...]

Shooting Down Vitamin D Myths

The debate surrounding the proper dosing and the importance of Vitamin D has been ongoing for decades.  Research has shown that Vitamin D has tremendous health benefits, including helping to prevent and alleviate chronic disease like diabetes and, elevate mood, regulate digestive function and … [Read more...]

How Dr. Dowd and the Arthritis Institute of Michigan differ from Traditional Rheumatologists

Rheumatologists are medical doctors who specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the musculoskeletal system and systemic autoimmune conditions that affect the bones, joints, muscles and spine; these disorders have been commonly referred to as rheumatoid diseases. Autoimmune diseases … [Read more...]

Upcoming Speaking Engagements

The Health Ministry of St. Patrick's Church presents Senescence: Human Aging How do we bring this life in for a soft landing? What is senescence? What changes are occurring in your body during this period? How does this affect the risk of chronic disease? What can you do about … [Read more...]

When The Leaves are Falling Vitamin D Levels are Falling

Look for the New Revised Edition of The Vitamin D Cure in bookstores and online in June 2012! It has 15 new recipes and an all new 2 week menu along with revised chapters on the immune system, cardiovascular disease, and diabetes. It will make a great Holiday gift for your loved ones. When The … [Read more...]

New Vitamin D Recommendations Miss the Mark

The Institute of Medicine released its updated recommended daily intakes of calcium and vitamin D on November 30th. In summary they INCREASED the required vitamin D intake, DECREASED the required calcium intake, and RAISED the maximum safe intake of vitamin D. There recommendations are complicated … [Read more...]

Vitamin D, Dementia, and Parkinson Disease – A September to Remember

Vitamin D plays an important role in the formation, function, and protection of the nervous system. Extremely low vitamin D levels are associated with depressed mood, chronic pain from osteomalacia, lower seizure thresholds, and dementia. In the September blog we present more observational data from … [Read more...]

How much sunshine should I get to make enough Vitamin D?

The Vitamin D Cure is a breakthrough self-help book that takes the most recent scientific ideas and provides a practical program to promote the reader’s health. Here is some of what the Vitamin D Cure provides: • Explains how vitamin D works in health and how deficiency causes disease. • … [Read more...]