Paleocuisine for Life

By: Kelly and Adam Postal Owners of: Taste. Smile. Repeat. Personal Chef Service & Nuthin' but Nuts Inspired Nut Butter Creations The Paleolithic Diet is the way we were intended to eat as humans. Mother Nature provides all that we need, not just to survive, but to thrive. We used to call … [Read more...]

The Vitamin D Cure Blog is now the Dr. James Dowd Blog

Recipe of the Month Remember our recipes are courtesy of Chef Kelly ( ). Grilled Halibut & Romaine Salad with Beet-Carrot Slaw Makes 4 Servings Ingredients: 1 lemon, sliced 4 (4-6 oz.) fillets of halibut (or other steak-like fish, swordfish, tuna, etc.) Salt … [Read more...]

When The Leaves are Falling Vitamin D Levels are Falling

Look for the New Revised Edition of The Vitamin D Cure in bookstores and online in June 2012! It has 15 new recipes and an all new 2 week menu along with revised chapters on the immune system, cardiovascular disease, and diabetes. It will make a great Holiday gift for your loved ones. When The … [Read more...]

New Vitamin D Recommendations Miss the Mark

The Institute of Medicine released its updated recommended daily intakes of calcium and vitamin D on November 30th. In summary they INCREASED the required vitamin D intake, DECREASED the required calcium intake, and RAISED the maximum safe intake of vitamin D. There recommendations are complicated … [Read more...]

Vitamin D, Dementia, and Parkinson Disease – A September to Remember

Vitamin D plays an important role in the formation, function, and protection of the nervous system. Extremely low vitamin D levels are associated with depressed mood, chronic pain from osteomalacia, lower seizure thresholds, and dementia. In the September blog we present more observational data from … [Read more...]

Boneing Up on Osteoporosis

I recently touched base with a colleague, Dr. Howard Schubiner who has helped me understand chronic pain as it relates to stress. We collaborated on a study looking at cognitive behavioral techniques to facilitate the ‘unlearning’ of pain pathways. He has a new book out titled, Unlearn Your Pain: A … [Read more...]

Celebrate the Winter Solstice with Vitamin D

Happy Holidays and Welcome to the Vitamin D Blog/Newsletter! I will attempt to keep you up on what I feel to be the most interesting vitamin D research. I have a very busy clinic in adult and pediatric rheumatology at The Arthritis Institute of Michigan in Brighton, Michigan, so my time available to … [Read more...]

Falling Leaves Means Falling Vitamin D

When the leaves change colors the availability of ultraviolet light to make vitamin D (UVB) disappears till next spring. Your vitamin D level then begins to fall along with all the leaves on the deciduous trees. Ten weeks after peak fall colors your vitamin D level is about half what it was at the … [Read more...]

Processing Your Own Food

Should I eat my vegetables raw or cooked? If I am taking an acid suppressing drug for my stomach, how does this affect digestion? These are some recurring questions I have been asked over the last year. Let’s ask Mother Nature. Ruminant or grazing animals have lots of large flat teeth for chewing … [Read more...]

Sweet Summer Sun Heal Me

The Vitamin D Cure is now available in paperback! Now your healthy new lifestyle manual will cost you even less. It’s a great gift idea as well. Recipe of the Month Remember our recipes are courtesy of Chef Kelly ( If you have recipes you would like to share or convert to … [Read more...]