Celebrate the Winter Solstice with Vitamin D

Happy Holidays and Welcome to the Vitamin D Blog/Newsletter! I will attempt to keep you up on what I feel to be the most interesting vitamin D research. I have a very busy clinic in adult and pediatric rheumatology at The Arthritis Institute of Michigan in Brighton, Michigan, so my time available to … [Read more...]

Sweet Summer Sun Heal Me

The Vitamin D Cure is now available in paperback! Now your healthy new lifestyle manual will cost you even less. It’s a great gift idea as well. Recipe of the Month Remember our recipes are courtesy of Chef Kelly (kellychez@gmail.com). If you have recipes you would like to share or convert to … [Read more...]

D2 or Not D2? That is the Question

The short answer is Not D2. There are two forms of vitamin D you can purchase as supplements, vitamin D2 (ergocalciferol, Drisdol the RX form of D) and D3 (cholecalciferol, no RX version paid for by insurance). D2 comes from plants. D3 is made by mammals from cholesterol with the assistance of … [Read more...]