Sweet Summer Sun Heal Me

The Vitamin D Cure is now available in paperback! Now your healthy new lifestyle manual will cost you even less. It’s a great gift idea as well. Recipe of the Month Remember our recipes are courtesy of Chef Kelly (kellychez@gmail.com). If you have recipes you would like to share or convert to … [Read more...]

Bacteria: Friends or Foes?

Much of medicine, health, and the food industry focus on bacteria as a source of disease. The general message the public gets is more bugs are more problems. Kill the bugs, solve the problem. Unfortunately this message fails to inform us that without bugs we would not exist. Bacteria and viruses are … [Read more...]

The Finally Four Stars

Last year the FDA approved new labeling for sunscreens that block UVA light. Finally we have a four star system to block UVA. We are all familiar with the sun protection factor (SPF) system. These products were designed to block UVB light. Thirty-five years ago and up until just recently it was … [Read more...]

Health Evangelist

The word evangelist means, “One who brings good news.” I am here to bring good news about your health. We were on the 700 Club this past week with another evangelist Pat Robertson. Watch our show using the links below to see what bok choy, Swiss chard, and collard greens look like. They will help … [Read more...]