Supplements Guide

In response to a flood of questions about what vitamin D products to take we have partnered with to offer you a fast and simple way to purchase supplements online.

Most vitamin D supplements available at your local discount store are 400 or 1000 IU per tablet. Nature Made is one of the largest manufacturers of these tablets. They manufacture Wal Mart and other discount brands of this type. They contain calcium phosphate as a base and can be difficult to swallow.

I prefer gel caps or liquids for ease of use and lack of calcium. The manufacturers I have relied on are Carlson Labs and Biotics Research Corporation.

Carlson makes a 2000 IU gel cap and a 1000 IU gel cap both now without vitamin A. At the time of printing for the book their 1000 IU gel cap had vitamin A. Their new 1000 IU gel cap is now free of vitamin A.

Biotics Research Corporation has two liquid vitamin D products. Bio D-mulsion is 400 IU per drop and Bio D-mulsion Forte is 2000 IU per drop.

These products are very inexpensive and easy to take. You should be able to purchase a year’s supply for fewer than fifty dollars.