Dr. Dowd is Available for Speaking Events

Dr. James Dowd is a renowned expert of all things vitamin D. He is an Associate Clinical Professor of Medicine at Michigan State University College of Human Medicine. Dr. Dowd is also the founder and director of both the Arthritis Institute of Michigan, and the Michigan Arthritis Research Center. He has spent his entire career researching holistic medicine and working to provide better treatments for numerous medical conditions. His experience with adult and pediatric rheumatology led him to what is now the main topic of his latest book, The “The Vitamin D Cure.” In this book, he outlines exactly how it is that nearly 60% of all American suffer this terrible deficiency, and what kind of changes we can make in our daily lives to combat these potentially dire consequences.

Through his book, Dr. James Dowd covers a variety of topics about vitamin D deficiency and how it directly relates to our overall health, how we came to have this huge problem in the first place, who is most at risk, how this deficiency is directly related to other serious diseases and illnesses, and more. Find out how to get the cure and change your life with Dr. Dowd’s detailed explanation of why this happens and how to fix it with simple changes like determining your vitamin D needs, using sun and supplements to increase your vitamin D levels, reducing acid excess through diet changes, and starting your very own exercise routine. Dr. Dowd even offers a comprehensive and easy-to-follow menu plan specifically designed to elevate your vitamin D levels.

With so many illnesses plaguing so many innocent people, it’s hard not to respect the valuable work Dr. Dowd does every day. His efforts to help cure these, now normalized, diseases are just the beginning. Awareness is key for issues like this, and getting the message out there is the only way to ensure people can learn about and respond to this increasing problem, before it’s too late. Currently, Dr. Dowd is making this his mission. He is eager to speak openly on this topic and hopes that more allow him to share his vast knowledge and experience. His intention to cure these massively widespread ailments through his dedication to holistic medicine is something he will never waver on. There is a better way. A natural way.

Dr. Dowd is currently available for speaking engagements and is thrilled to have the opportunity to teach others about the profound impact of vitamin D. If you would like to learn more about “The Vitamin D Cure“, and hear Dr. Dowd himself explain his life’s work in a compelling effort to better your life, call Dr. James Dowd today at 1.810.225.7553 or fill out the contact form now to reserve a spot on our calendar.